February 2, 2014

More than a thousand words with ThingLink

Need to add a little panache to your images on your website or blog post? Maybe your image is worth more than a thousand words and the same old Instagram or Flickr embed isn't cutting it. 

Fear not. We have a fairly fly suggestion for you the next time you need your photo to do more than just sit there and look pretty. ThingLink allows you to annotate your photo to provide more context to what’s going on. You can add text, links, videos, audio, and even more images – that’s right – image on image – mind blown.

Check out how Astute Attire uses ThingLink on some of their images. They provide some further explanation on some of the trendy clothing they recommend wearing and links to where you can buy that clothing.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today, stop embedding the same old boring images, and start wrecking it with ThingLink. Don’t know how you could use it? Give us a shout – happy to opine.

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